About the Series

All Jac Torres wants is to get back to Braora -- to the world where she had magic in her hands and purpose in her heart. She wants to be back in a world that was just and good.

She wants to go home.

Despite what she wants, Jac has accepted that she invented it all during a psychotic break as a pre-teen.

Miserable for the last decade, she welcomes the meds that keep her from thinking about Braora and allows her to ignore the tingle of remembered magic in her veins. She checks off boxes and counts down to the day she can escape from the reminders of the mental illness that has plagued her.

Now, if only her new therapist would stop demanding she talk about what never happened, she could stop fantasizing about breaking probation…

…And his nose.


When Jac finally faces a choice between certain misery on Earth and a possible happiness searching for a home that may not exist, hope has to be enough.

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No one can accuse Finn of being a coward, only an idiot.


He wakes to the comfort of a Peregrine healer at his bedside, but that relief is short-lived. His exile stands, the Order holds him responsible for the threat of the Hunters, and he's all alone. In fact, his last ally stabbed him. For some reason, Finn is still fool enough to want to help her...

If he can find her.


But Jac has no intention of being found.


Still searching for the only place that feels like home, Jac continues to jump through Gates and chase the dream of returning to Braora. Until she finds it, she refuses to think about what happened or what she did. She refuses to let anyone get close, because wanting someone to be good doesn't make it so.


But that might change when Jac stumbles into a new traveling companion: an ally who could prove her theory wrong. Did she find someone she can trust, someone who could give her purpose and someone who could help her find her home?


Hope is tenacious, and Braora is within reach, assuming she can survive the growing conflict between the Peregrines and the Hunters, and if Finn doesn't find her first. 


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