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Book 2: The Wanderers' War

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September 30th, 2020!

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All Jac Torres wants is to get back to Braora -- to the world where she had magic in her hands and purpose in her heart. She wants to be back in a world that was just and good.

She wants to go home.

Despite what she wants, Jac has accepted that she invented it all during a psychotic break as a pre-teen.

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No one can accuse Finn of being a coward, only an idiot.


He wakes to the comfort of a Peregrine healer at his bedside, but that relief is short-lived. His exile stands, the Order holds him responsible for the threat of the Hunters, and he's all alone. In fact, his last ally stabbed him. For some reason, Finn is still fool enough to want to help her...

If he can find her.


But Jac has no intention of being found.

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ComingSeptember 30th!

 About the Author


As a kid, Caity told people she was going to be an artist and was immediately asked what her ‘real job’ would be. She then started writing, which prompted the exact same question.

To spite those people, she decided to do both. 


Caity pulls inspiration from classic novels, niche stories, transformative works, Greek dramas, stage plays, history, and from the surreal millennial experience of coping with a world that has broken every promise. 

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